Saturday, 26 March 2011

Summer Holidays!

We're all going on a summer holiday...Well, just me really :) Actually, I'm already here, soaking up the rays, loving being on home turf...but most of all loving being back with my Petar!!!

These following two months promise to be exciting, adventure-filled, gloriously sun-filled and action-packed. We have kicked off the season with the scaling of Moses Mahbida stadium.

We've also plunged, aprons blazing, into some very different foodie methods and styles. Some better than others, some agreeing with us more than others, on the whole, satisfying to the brim.

Petar and myself are planning all sorts of fun things, here's hoping we can fit them all in (inbetween meal breaks hahahaha )

We've made some friends and stayed in a cool new place (pics to follow) and are hoping to get away to the Midlands sometime. Just for the day.

All this holiday and food talk has made me tired, off I go tgo bed.

Think I might give twitter another bash in the a.m. Or the work blog...lets see if this rain keeps it up!!

Night night!!