Friday, 22 July 2011

Photography - my other love

By now you all know Petar is my numero uno, how many know about my other one on the side so to speak :D Of course I'm speaking about my camera...and it bears a mention that my numero uno was the one to give me the best present ever!! (For the record, it is a Panasonic Lumix FZ8)

I only started getting into photography after I met and started dating Petar, so it is still a young hobby. I've been told I have a keen eye and have started a Flickr account to see for myself if anyone else (besides my parents) feel the same way!! For Christmas 2010, Petar bought me a Pro account, this means a paid account with extra functionality, and I am really enjoying it (you can see my pics on the left side of this page, the most recent uploads display).

I don't really have a specific "theme" of tings I photograph, like some people are wedding photographers, some are studio or portrait photographers only, whilst some only shoot wildlife and outdoor. I take photos of whatever is interesting to me at the time...if there is a tumble-down house in my view, it better show me it's best side! Like-wise if I spy any little creatures in a field...or clouds...or family at a braai!!

Me and my camera are very rarely separated, so watch me your best side!!


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