Saturday, 29 January 2011

World of blog - Day 2 - still not broken the Internet!

Phew, much to my delight, I awakened this morning after a rather disturbed sleep, to find the Internet still where I left it last night. Safely in my Mozilla browser, just one double-click away. In hind-sight, I now realise, my restless night may be attributed to the sub-zero temps and inadequately covering sleepwear (no long thermals, just short-sleeved top and 3/4 bottoms and a thin jacket I forgot to take off).

Also to my delight, I discovered it is only Saturday and not dreaded Sunday as I had thought...where on earth did I lose a whole day? I'm not sure, It's not like I've been anywhere else on the earth to lose it! maybe it went the way as all those socks...
oh well, at least I got it back :)

Very kindly, a good friend has offered to help me find my feet in this strange world of blogging. Yikes, there is so much to think about, though I do feel it will all iron itself out into one nice flat sheet in my head fairly soon (good, I really don't like ironing!) Big ups to Mr T for helping a clueless Dame!

Petar and me made a strange Japanese dish today, well, he made and ate it, I had the foreman's job. I'm still not entirely sure what it was, but it looked really yummy! Once I find out how,I'll post a link to the Youtube video and then anyone can try it.

Ok, that's me done, I think I posted a cartoon from a site we look at for a laugh - Counterthink - it's a Political Satire and a really good one to boot. take a look and let me know what toy think and tell me if you know of any other good ones.

Au Revoir for now

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  1. Ok, here it is! try it's really worth the effort!